Dean A. Friedman

Dean A. Friedman
Office: 1.888.211.3261 x 710

Mr. Friedman has over thirty years of management and investment experience.  Mr. Friedman is currently the Chairman and CEO of Real Integrated, a leading advertising agency.  Since acquiring a controlling interest in Real Integrated (f/k/a Robert Solomon and Associates) in 1992, Mr. Friedman has transformed the Agency into a diversified marketing services provider, and in 2004 divested the Agency’s national Motion Picture Marketing division to Allied Integrated Marketing. 

Prior to acquiring Real Integrated, Mr. Friedman was a Board Member and major shareholder of W.B. Doner & Co., the world’s largest independent advertising agency.  During his twenty year career at Doner, Mr. Friedman led the Agency’s international accounts, including British Petroleum, Chiquita Banana and Iams Pet Food, and established Doner’s offices in London and Cleveland.

Mr. Friedman has served on the boards of public and private companies in the media and banking industries.  He is a founder of Franklin Bank, and served as a Director through the company’s IPO and ultimate sale to a larger bank.  Mr. Friedman was also an early investor in The Harvard Drug Group, and served as a Board Member. 

Mr. Friedman currently serves on the Board of the Michigan Opera Theater, and is a founder of the Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival. 

Mr. Friedman received his B.A. from the University
of Michigan.